Consults Over Online Legal Advice

Online legal forms and online legal advice may be great, especially for convenience, but do they really protect you? Recently, our firm has been seeing many individuals come through our door after utilizing online legal form websites or obtaining legal advice from an online website. Many times, the forms are rejected by the courts when the individuals have tried to file them, and this is after money was spent to download them! Online legal advice websites get you to spend money by giving you one free basic question. In many instances a client will spend more money than having a lawyer in their area complete the work, consult with the client, or have the lawyer assist the client with the correct documentation.

Although it may appear cheaper to get legal advice and legal forms from online sources, the reality is that you may end up spending even more to correct the problem!

Reasons meeting with a lawyer for a consult is important:

  1. Individual legal cases are rarely the same, even simple cases. Consults are important.
  2. Consults ensure that all of your information is properly reviewed.
  3. Each state, and even county, may require different forms for specific legal issues, like a divorce.
  4. Online legal advice is very basic and may offer the wrong approach to your case, since online legal advice rarely looks at documentation provided.
  5. Online legal forms and online legal advice websites are not going to be familiar with the filing fees or costs associated with your legal needs in your county.

Don’t let convenience cost you more than you bargained for. There is no better legal advice than from a lawyer in your area through face-to-face interaction. At ME Law Group, LLC, we offer in-person consults and video conferencing to give our clients convenience and maximized benefit.


** This blog does not constitute legal advice. Please schedule a consult with one of our licensed lawyers to discuss your individual case**

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