Fight or Flight

Legal matters bring a level of stress to an individual that can be overwhelming. Divorce is no exception. Divorce rocks the foundation of your family, your image of your future, and impacts those not directly involved with the divorce. When a spouse hears or makes the decision that divorce is in the best interest of the family, it is often difficult to understand what you are hearing. Your mind is swirling and your thoughts jump from one thought to another.

It becomes easy to focus on the little things, such as who gets the couch. The reason that occurs is because individuals feel as if they are losing control, so any type of control the individual can keep brings comfort. That is a normal response to an emotional situation and is created from our fight or flight instincts. The issue with our flight or fight instinct is that it often clouds judgment, which is why we see in divorces spouses fighting over items such as couches, all while spending thousands of dollars fighting over the said couch.

Everyone asks why ME Law Group, LLC is different when it comes to divorces. ME Law Group is different because we help our clients see the big picture and work through the emotional turmoil they are facing. That doesn’t mean that we do not advocate for our clients, but our goal is not to fight to just fight, which in the end can cost both individuals far more money than necessary. After the divorce decree is entered, many times families have to operate in a family unit to some extent, especially if children are involved. Our lawyers are trained in mediation and complete trainings to better themselves as divorce lawyers. The reason for this is because our team wants to do the best job possible to help guide and support you through your divorce, all while keeping an eye on the bigger picture for you and your family.


** This blog is not legal advice. Please schedule an appointment with one of our licensed lawyers to discuss your individual case**

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